Frequently Asked Questions
How do I compose a new post?
Click on the pencil and paper icon in the upper left hand corner to create a new post.
How do my posts appear in the “Cheeriest” feed?
You must be at a level of 4 or more and/or have enough likes on your post to be included. This criterion may change over time.
How do I earn points and increase my level?
Users can earn points by posting “Cheery” posts, liking other users posts, and commenting on other users posts. Users can also purchase point packages and at the same time support Cheery.

Here’s a breakdown of all the level badges and how many points you'll need to earn them:
0 Points (Initial)
500 Points
1,200 Points
2,400 Points
4,800 Points
15,000 Points
30,000 Points
75,000 Points
100,000 Points
130,000 Points
160,000 Points
200,000 Points

How do I search for users that I want to follow?
Tap on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner of the main feed screen. The most recent posts will appear in the window. You can also search by level or by word/user name.
How do I know who is following me or who I am following?
Tap on the profile icon at the bottom of the app. Then tap on "# followers" or "# following" on the profile screen to see who is following you or who you are following.
How do I know who liked my post?
Simply tap on the "# likes" within the post and a list of the people who liked your post will be displayed.
How do I see the posts of who I am following?
Simply go to the profile section and select the “Following” feed.
How do I view my posts?
Go to your profile and select the “My Posts” tab to scroll through and view your posts.
How do I Block a user?
Click on their profile picture and select the block button.
How do I delete a post I wrote?
You can delete a post by going to your profile section and tapping on the trashcan of the post you want to delete.
Why are my posts no longer visible or my account suspended?
If a user is not following the Terms of the App a user’s profile may be deleted. Please be sure to always post “Cheery” and be respectful of others. Negative/mean comments will not be tolerated and you will be banned from using the app.
How does Cheery stay positive?
We rely on users reports and moderation to keep inappropriate content off of Cheery. If you see content you believe doesn't belong on the network, whether it be a post or a comment simply tap the flag button and confirm that you'd like to flag the content. Our moderation team works quickly to curate the network so any content that shouldn't be on Cheery will be taken off as quickly as possible.
Who can I contact if I have any further questions?
You can reach us directly via email: